Covid19 Public Inquiries

UK Inquiry

We have been granted core participant status in this inquiry and anyone who received their vaccine in Scotland and suffered an adverse event can join us and also have core participant status.   The UK Covid19 inquiry website is here.   You can go here to add your comments, without being a core participant – this is VITAL for the inquiry to hear from EVERYONE and get a thorough overview of how the pandemic affected everyone.  They have a massive team examining the information.   You can watch hearings here

What is core participant status?  


As a group we have been granted core participant status.  If you join our group, you can also join us for the inquiry.  To find out more please email:   You will be asked to provide contact details and to verify you have experienced an adverse effect or bereaved as a result of the covid19 vaccine rollout in Scotland. 

The Inquiry is running a ‘Let’s Be Heard’ campaign and wishes to hear from everyone about the impact of the pandemic on them.  You can access that here

You can watch the hearings so far here



Core Participant Status includes:  

  • making statements when the Inquiry holds public hearings, unless the Chair directs otherwise; 

  • proposing questions for Counsel to the Inquiry to ask witnesses; 

  • with the Chair’s permission, asking questions of witnesses at a public hearing; and 

  • being provided with advance copies of the Inquiry’s reports relating to their interest in the Inquiry.  

The official website for the inquiry is HERE.  You can go HERE to fill in your views without being a core participant. 


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