Our Stories In Film

Caley shares her story

John and Alex share their stories with James English.  Apple Version

John and Alex share their stories with James English.  SPOTIFY

Stanislav shares his story

John Watt, GB News, Dec 2022

Ruth shares her story with Nick on UNWASHED

John Watt’s film about vaccine injured

Stephen shares his story with Nick on UNWASHED

John Watt, GB news AGAIN!  Feb 2023

Stephen robbed by VDPS Scheme inneficiency – go to 34 mins in. 

The Wider Story

Shane Getson, Albert (Canada) politician speaking of his vaccine experience

Japanese Doctors sue their government over hiding inconvenient truths. 

Jessica Sutta Former Pussycat Doll speaks about her vaccine reaction

Leading cardiologist warns of vaccine risks. 

Documentary by James Wells

The Testimonies Project – The Movie (Israel)

Dearly Discarded. Four trial participants share their stories

Russell Broadbent MP, Australia.  ‘Voices Crying in the Wilderness’

Film: Safe and Effective; A Second Opinion.  Oracle Films

Senator John Renwick, Australia, 1/12/22.

Andrew Bridgen, MP, House of Commons Debate 

Matt le Tissier interviews Andrew Bridgen 

Evaluation of the MRNA Trial Data

Study on neurological damage from C19 vaccines

Anecdotals: Australian film about vaccine injury 

Sir Christopher Chope, MP

Charlet from UKCV Family updates UK Column News

Neil Oliver, GB News

Frontline Covid Care Critical Alliance (FLCCC) weekly podcasts on long covid and vaccine injury treatments

Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report.  Significant statistics concerning adverse effects. 

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Sadly, our experience is that the truth about vaccine injury has been suppressed on social  and mainstream media.  Recently, Twitter has reinstated medical doctors whose accounts were suspended for raising the alarm about potential risks associate with vaccines.  Many of us have had our social media accounts frozen, fact checked and suspended for mentioning our own vaccine reactions.  This is still continuing on TickTock, Instagram and Facebook.   Support groups for the vaccine injured on Facebook have been closed down.  Often these groups are supporting very traumatised people.    Read more HERE


Stephen Bowie, article 

The coverage of medical injuries in clinical trial consent forms (C-19 vaccine trials) 

Read how participants in Covid19 vaccine trials were injured and their data not included in trial results

US Military Doctor told to lie about Covid Vaccine Injuries

Adam shares his adverse reaction to Covid vaccines

Adam Rowland MSc CSCS, from the North West of England, tells his story with fortitude despite being very gravely ill indeed, on oxygen and in intense pain throughout the whole interview

Express – ‘We’re completely different people’ Covid Jab Victims in Fight for Justice.  

Vaccine injured talk about the multiple failings of the VDPS

MHRA Admits 74% of vaccine injuries are ‘serious’ yet still insists jabs are safe

Daily Express – my brain wasn’t functioning.  Caroline Pover.

The Spectator.  Censorship of Australian Doctors. 

Covid vaccine booster now does more harm than good, says Prof Angus Dalgleish



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