Media Continued

May 2023

May 2023 Covid Summit

A MUST watch to be informed

April 2023

History in the Making

Shane Getson, Albert (Canada) politician speaking of his vaccine experience

Japanese Doctors sue their government over hiding inconvenient truths. 

Jessica Sutta Former Pussycat Doll speaks about her vaccine reaction

Leading cardiologist warns of vaccine risks. 

Documentary by James Wells

The Testimonies Project – The Movie (Israel)

Dearly Discarded. Four trial participants share their stories

Russell Broadbent MP, Australia.  ‘Voices Crying in the Wilderness’

Film: Safe and Effective; A Second Opinion.  Oracle Films

Senator John Renwick, Australia, 1/12/22.

Andrew Bridgen, MP, House of Commons Debate 

Matt le Tissier interviews Andrew Bridgen 

Charlet from UKCV Family updates UK Column News

Neil Oliver, GB News

Frontline Covid Care Critical Alliance (FLCCC) weekly podcasts on long covid and vaccine injury treatments

Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report.  Significant statistics concerning adverse effects. 

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