On 5th June 2021 my husband and I received our Pfizer vaccine.  A few hours later, I began to feel very tired, with muscle aches and pains 10 days after the vaccine I began to feel much worse.  I was dizzy, my eyesight went dark and I couldn’t continue the conversation I was having with a client at work.  Everything began to spin so I left the room and quickly sat down on the floor.  I drank a lot of water and my boss took me to the clinic to see my GP.  For the first time in my life, I felt like I could faint.  I explained to the doctor that I had taken the vaccine ten days previously and asked if it could be related.  I was told that it is possible to have side effects from the vaccine up to three days afterwards and that it was likely I was just overtired.  For the next few days I didn’t go back to work because I was still feeling strange and dizzy all the time, as if I was on a boat.  A few days later I began to feel strange burning sensations in my calf and thigh, but returned to work anyway.    

On 31st July 2021, my husband and I went together for our second dose of Pfizer.  We were both in the room when the GP asked us if we had any complications after our first vaccine.  I immediately reported that I fainted on day 10 and that I had strange burning sensations.  I asked her if is was safe to take a second dose and she reassured me the vaccines were being tested and were safe.  I said that I was scared and still felt odd after my first, but she promised me nothing would happen to me.  I believed her.  I took the 2nd dose but just a few hours later I regretted that decision.  I had a massive headache and overwhelming fatigue with pain all over my body.  I took ibuprofen and paracetamol but my whole body was shaking as I went to sleep. During the night I felt limp and weak. The next morning I was woken by my husband screaming. He was telling me to go and look in the mirror because I had something on my collar bone.

When I got up, I saw a big bump under my skin.  It hurt terribly, as did my left arm where the vaccine had been injected.  As soon as I got up, I called my GP to tell me what had happened. I told him I had a tumour the size of a golf ball under my skin.  He told me that our bodies can react to the vaccine and it would pass.  But it only got worse every day.  I tried to work, but I didn’t have the strength to manage.  My husband and our friends were all fine after their vaccine, but I was getting more symptoms every day.  After a few days I got more bumps on my neck, I could not breathe normally and my entire body was burning.  I was crying out in pain.  I began to see double and was experiencing horrendous dizziness.  I couldn’t leave the bed.  After a few days my eye and the corner of my mouth began to droop and my vision began to be affected.  I had inertia on the left side of my body and could not sue my left arm or left leg and they were cold.  I started to feel like I was defecating or weeing myself and started to lose my memory.  When I called the GP, I couldn’t remember my date of birth, how old my child was or even my address. I began to lose a lot of weight, despite eating normally and my limbs began to turn blue.  Strange white spots began to develop and I had terrible tinnitus and my hearing began to deteriorate.  I continually felt like I was on a ship and lost my balance and I had muscle fasciculations.  I was breathless, had an irregular pulse and my heart was gong crazy.  Along with all this I had internal tremors and chronic fatigue.  I forgot words and couldn’t understand what people were saying to me.  Doctors who have known me for several years and know how healthy I was, how strong I was, spread their hands and didn’t know how to help me.   My husband began to seek help for me.  We flew to private clinics in Poland where they discovered I have vascular gliosis, which is fluid in the brain.  I saw a neurologist and had another diagnosis of tetany.  I also saw a cardiologist and an immunologist.  Various doctors prescribed a range of pills and I am now on 12 a day, whereas before the vaccine I took one multivitamin.  I returned to Scotland after a few months and finally met with a neurologist and cardiologist here.  My diagnosis was functional neurological disorder, caused by the covid vaccine.  I also had a diagnosis of left-sided vestibular syndrome and POTS.  In May my condition worsened even more and I was admitted to hospital with severe pain in my left side.  The doctors suspected I had a cyst on my ovary, but unfortunately the diagnosis was not confirmed.  In May 2022 I flew to Cyprus to a private clinic for HELP Apheresis treatment for the removal of microclots.  Before this my blood results were continually bad – showing  too much haemoglobin, white blood cells and inflammation in my body.  I stayed there for a month.  For over a year I have been paying for Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. My husband had to set up a fundraiser to help towards the costs and the media began to get interested in me.  I didn’t want to be a vaccine ‘celebrity’ – I just needed help.  It total we lost £28,000 because I believed the doctors and the government that the vaccines are safe. 

I have been called names by people from hypochondriac to anti-vaxer.  In the hospital, a doctor raised his voice and demanded who was stressing me out and stated there was no one else with symptoms like me.  The nurses had taken my blood for testing and he threw it in the garbage.  The trauma I went through is unimaginably painful.  I went from a 38-year-old working woman, enjoying life, working full time, a non-smoker, non-drinker to being a disabled person.  I can no longer take my son to football or go on bike tours like before.  I still experience cold hands and feet, skin hypersensitivity, burning sensations and my legs feel weird when I am walking. 

Six hours, immediately after receiving my second Pfizer vaccination, everything started to happen.   I have a diagnosis from my GP of multisyndromes following vaccination and a neurologist also agreed.  To this day I have POTS and dysautonomia .   An MRI revealed angiogenic gliosis around the right anterior and lateral ventricle,  fluid in the head from a damaged labyrinth.  I have a diagnosis of Functional neurological symptoms triggered by covid vaccination, however no one will do a  * skin biopsy for small fibre neuropathy, despite my arms and legs burning all the time.  |I also have a diagnosis of tetany. /  I was in hospital for a few days because my inflammatory index was very high and they found nothing where my stomach ache was.   I have paid privately for HBOT which helps.  My symptoms include brain fog, chronic fatigue,  vibrations on the legs, tremors, drooping eye and mouth, numbness in the left side of my body, loss of bladder and bowel control, burning all over the body, dizziness, double vision, swollen lymph nodes, skin hypersensitivity, cold hands and feet and my legs feel weird when walking.

I have also seen doctors in Poland and Cyprus. I have gone from a 100% healthy, active 37-year-old, woman working in Scotland for 15 years full-time, not smoking, not drinking, to this.