Support Us - donate to our 'go fund me'

We need help towards every day running costs – for our website hosting and domain name, leaflets, and postage. We only need a few pounds for this (so have set our target low) but any left over money will go towards our charity which we are in the process of setting up. That money will pay for treatments that make a massive difference to our quality of life that we can’t get on the NHS, and for private treatment for conditions we have that also aren’t recognised or treated on the NHS like MCAS. We would love to buy our own portable hyperbaric chamber or even less ambitious devices like infra-red/near light panels or vagal nerve stimulation devices. Thank you in advance for your generosity – every little counts and means the world to people who have lost their livelihoods due to vaccine injury and just want to get back to work or back to looking after their families.