I had my 3rd vaccine in December 2021.  The day after, I was rushed into hospital with a heart rate of 160bpm.  Ever since I’ve had severe dizziness and fluctuations in blood pressure minute to minute.  I have been told I have to exercise to lower it, when it is high, but I can’t stand up without feeling like I am going to pass out.  I have chest pains and severe dizziness and nausea.  At times I have pins and needles in both my arms and legs and also in my face.  I also get pains that radiate from the inside of both groins to the inside of my foot.  I have been eating 5 year old portions of food for weeks due to reactions to food and I am losing weight ever day. I have had repeated hospital visits with no answers whatsoever and my quality of life is awful.  Some days I am so ill I can’t function.