In June 2021 I had a Pfizer vaccination.  Within five minutes I felt like someone was choking me and started having hot waves over my body.  I told the staff I wasn’t feeling well and they told me not to worry, I was having a panic attack and would be fine.  I had to go to work afterwards and the hot flushes continued and then I also started to feel a really strong pulsing sensation and pressure in my head.  Shortly afterwards I started to feel very dizzy and then I couldn’t move my arms and hands and legs and started to dribble saliva. My work colleagues came over to check on me and I literally couldn’t move for the next ten-fifteen minutes.  After another few minutes I was able to move but feeling really bad so they drove me home.  As soon as I got home, my partner called for an ambulance and they said I was having a small allergic reaction.  We were in the middle of the pandemic and they said I could come with them into the hospital or stay at home.

I decided it was probably safer at home and went to bed.  I woke up at 3am with cold sweats, my vision was affected and I could literally feel the blood pumping in my arm.  I spoke to the doctor the next day and they said it was a reaction to the vaccination and would pass.  For days I had hot waves over my whole body and difficulty breathing.  Several weeks passed and I found I couldn’t move my leg or arm properly and I still don’t feel them properly any more.  I still have numbness, dry eyes and mouth, jaundice skin ,fatigue, problem sleeping.  I have lost loads of weight, I have constipation.  I was sent for a psychiatry consult in July 2022 and told I have anxiety.  In December 2022 I saw a rheumatologist who said my ANA levels were high and prescribed me medication, but said she will refer me to cardiology.  I have returned to work but struggle with symptoms every day.   I am tired from all this.  I didn’t lost hope, but just I feel like all the NHS want to tell me is that it is anxiety and stress.   Lots of normal tasks are difficult because I get tired so easily and have no strength.  I was an active person before but my life was changed in an instant.  I have spent money on private doctors and tests because of waiting times on the NHS and because the doctors dismiss it as anxiety.  Emotionally I can’t cope anymore.  It’s so much to deal with along with sleepless nights . What’s happening to me? Why can’t recover? Why does nobody on the NHS care?

My body its deteriorating slowly .

Taking the vaccine was the biggest mistake in my life!!!