John and Nell

We were both 75 and were fit prior to Covid19, although Nell has been subject to MS since about 1985. She has always managed to get on with life regardless of the difficulties that MS has put in her way. She was able to look after our garden and would push herself for quite long walks with me to hang on to. For me, I was still volunteering part-time as a gardener locally until a few months ago. Both of us have had to stop these activities and although we manage to look after the garden together on good days, these seem to be getting fewer and further apart. We had Covid in December 2020, one Astra Zeneca vaccination in February 2021 following which Nell immediately had a ‘metallic’ taste and became subject to many of the symptoms listed below. In my case, it took a couple of days for my symptoms to start showing but this is possibly because I had made a better recovery from Covid. The fact that we had both experienced Covid was confirmed by antibody tests taken later that showed both infection and vaccine derived antibodies.

Nell’s symptoms (including pre-existing issues which have worsened since vaccination and excluding those that could be directly attributed to MS) comprise: Brain fog; Muscle and joint pain, particularly severe shoulder pain; Poor sleep pattern; Fatigue; Palpitations; Dizziness; Nausea; Deteriorating eyesight and hearing; Headaches; Digestive problems; Urinary problems; Involuntary leg muscle movement; Impaired gross and fine motor control; Despair; Internal tremors; Loss of appetite

My symptoms comprise: High blood pressure; ‘Pressure on heart’ (medication prescribed for HBP and on-going investigative work by Cardiologist); Tightness in the chest; Breathlessness; Disorderly action of the heart; Fatigue; Joint pain; Brain fog; Dizziness and BPPV; Headaches (Strangely, since infection or vaccination my sinus problems that I have experienced for over twenty years, have changed, instead of restricted to intense sinus headaches I have congestion every evening); Despair; Nausea; Deep but non-refreshing sleep

I appealed to our GP in writing for a prescription of Vitamin D, K2 and C (because it was claimed that such supplements would help) many months ago following which he phoned me and told me to look at the Government’s website on how to deal with Covid related issues, most of which advice seemed to be to get another vaccination. Other than that he told me that he was not permitted to prescribe vitamin supplements and that we should wait it out, that eventually it would pass. I think his main point there was that we would pass away first! Notably, he put nothing in writing back to me.