Three weeks after the jab, on 15th April 2021, I woke up around midnight with a sore arm. I figured like most people would that I’d slept on it and so I started moving it around , I couldn’t get back to sleep and I felt like something was seriously wrong so I took my bp and the numbers were so high I was told by dr google the machine was either broken or I’d made a mistake. I decided that I would wait until 7am then wake my husband so that he could call an ambulance or take me to hospital on his way to work . I’d say around half four /five am , things were getting worse but I also didn’t have this pain you see of a heart attack on the tv . At 6am, now 6 hours plus into the heart attack I finally woke my husband. By this point I couldn’t move my arms so he dressed me and took me downstairs. When the ambulance came my veins were collapsed and they spent about ten minutes trying to get a line in. Eventually I was taken to Haymires hospital about 40 odd minutes away. Kevin was not allowed to come with me and I was being taken straight off to theatre, knowing that I was dying and I couldn’t be with him . I wear a diamond necklace constantly 24/7 . They removed that from me in a corridor. I vividly remember dying. I was being placed on the operating table and I left I remember saying I wanted my husband and I wasn’t ready , I also somehow thought to myself I can’t die yet I haven’t worn my new gucci bag!!  And then I was gone .. And then I was on the table and they were operating, I remember I still had my leggings on and my shoes . Afterward the doctor told me if I had waited the other hour I would be gone . I got two stents and a balloon inserted and now I have only 40% of my heart working so I now have heart disease and heart failure. Two years on and I am on so much medication including the highest dose of beta blockers. I have to stop walking half way up my stairs at home; there are only twelve. I was also told by a doctor in a ward that I’d be dead by the time I’m 60 and I’m 55 next week . So, all in, the vaccine ruined not only my career but my ability to live a normal lifestyle. I don’t drink at all anymore due to the medication.  Money wise I have none and I was a head chef before the pandemic. Ultimately due to the pandemic all restaurants closed so I was also paid off.  When I went to apply for ESA I couldn’t get it because my place of work never paid tax or NI on anyone’s wages and the place went bankrupt.  Because my husband works, I can’t get universal credit either.  It’s all very incapacitating and I feel absolutely helpless. I have PSD. I never leave the house anymore I won’t go anywhere alone, not ever. Oh and I also haven’t seen a doctor since the day I left the hospital.