My first shot was astra zenica on 25th may 2021. I could feel it burning as the fluid went in then 15 minutes later, while I was driving back to work, my left arm went numb then it turned into pins and needles.  I ended up off work for 13 weeks due to shoulder impingement and pain in my wrist.  I was seen by orthopaedic consultant who suspected carpal tunnel gave me a splint. Later, when I had nerve conduction tests it turned out it wasn’t carpal tunnel and I am still dealing with pain and numbness due to this.

I had my booster on 28th December 2021, which was the one that very badly affected me. Four days after I couldn’t stand up as my legs were numb from the knees down.  My feet had constant pins and needles and my toes and fingers were freezing cold. I couldn’t walk properly dur to horrific pain up my left leg. When I was at work I lost my near sight suddenly – I had gone from 20/20 vision to 1.5 prescription in both eyes.  One wee after that I had an horrendous headache, so my GP sent me to A&E as they were concerned I was having a stroke. I was admitted to hospital as my BP was 219/109 and kept in for 2 weeks.  All my tests were clear, but I was having tremors, speech issues and balance problems. 

I had to be catheterised as I couldn’t wee, and was discharged with no diagnosis.  To add insult to injury, three day later had covid.  After my 10 days isolation had a bad turn with horrific palpitations, lost feeling in the left side of face and my eye went all blurry.  I was admitted again for 4 days. My GP has it noted vaccine reaction on my records. I am still suffering with cardiac issues, neurological problems, memory issues, speech and vision problems, pain in my back shoulders and left wrist and leg. I can’t walk properly. I am taking loads of medication and supplements but I still can’t do loads of basic things.  My life has changed and my kids say I’m not the person I was. That upsets me the most.

It’s brutal.  I thought I was doing the right thing, and now I’m just surviving