Shaz; Astra Zenica May/July 2021

I was in generally good health with few underlying issues prior to the pandemic. I was unfortunate and had COVID-19 very, very early which led to me being diagnosed with Fybromyalgia pre-vaccine. Even with this new condition I was managing to work full-time and had a reasonably active lifestyle until my first vaccine in May 2021. That’s when things changed very quickly for me. Initially I lost mobility of my left arm which was causing me a lot of pain. Over the next few months my health to put it simply, has continuously deteriorated. After the first injection I had flu-like symptoms and really struggled to get out of bed. I was not advised to skip the next round of injections in July, and this was one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made in my life. Since July; the symptoms aggressively picked up pace, and I was having so many problems by the day, I was really struggling and losing hope of any recovery.

We’re almost two years after my Astra Zenica vaccinations; and I’m unable to work, at times unable to walk, unable at times to even think!! I have been trialing many medications and supplements with no positive effect, and to this day I am still waiting to see the specialists I need to see within the NHS to even find out exactly what is going on..

My own GP became much more involved to a point; likely because I’ve gotten so much worse over these months/years, but it has been acknowledged that my health has declined since my vaccine and as a result of Long COVID. I managed to meet a private Doctor regularly in a bid to manage my case while we tackle a multitude of illness, symptoms and autoimmune disorders I am now dealing with but after many months of his generosity we were unable to make any difference to my conditions.

After a couple of years waiting Endocrinology finally got in touch but again despite me clearly having progressive autoimmune illnesses they are in no particular rush to help. It is quite serious as I’m being over treated for my thyroid and they are okay with this while under treating other hormone imbalances despite me begging for help, it’s so difficult when the treatments I need are hard to come by.

Sadly both Cardiology and Rheumatology saw me initially and got scared and cut ties when I mentioned the V word!! Why??

There are far too many symptoms to list here and it’s very challenging for me ongoing, and not knowing the full and true extent of damage; COVID-19 and the Astra Zenica vaccine has done to my body and mind is absolutely devastating. The only positive that’s happened, is my own GP advising me not to have any further vaccines, this in fact may have saved my life and the reason I am still here battling a number of chronic conditions sadly. I hope if there are medical professionals out there who would be willing to help me it would be a miracle to hear from you but believe me sadly this is what is really needed in my situation, a miracle!