Taken just before vaccine

After having my second moderna vaccine I experienced seizures, tremors, limb numbness and extreme aches and pains. This continued to include joint issues, extreme fatigue and pains. I originally just thought that I was run down and didn’t think anything of it. Except it continued to get worse to the point I couldn’t even put my arm in a top, the pains were that bad. I saw my GP regularly to investigate this and I just felt I was getting passed from pillar to post. After a while I decided to pull my life together and get out walking and try and give myself a boost and maybe this would go away. Unfortunately for me it was catastrophic. I was out at the top of the hill when I felt like I was having a stroke – I had facial collapse, speech issues, vision impairment, left side paralysis and much more. I went to hospital where investigations began.  I was wheelchair bound unable to walk. There wasn’t much talk from the consultants, but I started to notice on the ward that there was many others like me who were once young, fit and healthy – all with the same issues as me. The consultant made a statement of ‘oh yes in the last 6 months to a year these symptoms and issues have been our highest level of admission’  and they put it down to something called FND – a neurological disorder that basically effects your cognitive function.  I have a long long list of symptoms, but the most visible one is that I have to use a wheel chair at times or rely on crutches. I sometimes can’t get out of bed at all and it’s just one of these things there isn’t a fix for it – it is what it is. I may get a little relief and slightly better mobility but it just comes straight back again. I had no issues before the vaccine.  I had just lost 9 stone and was at the peak of my health and fitness journey – the healthiest I had ever been in my entire life. And now this.  I have now been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis on top and lupus, both conditions you don’t want to have alongside FND.  It just seems all like a cruel joke. I went from being a busy working mum that was highly active and very hands on to now not barely being able to function and can’t even help dress my toddler at times or even get out of bed.  It’s literally ruined my life.  I feel the quality of my life is so effected that it’s had a massive effect in my mental health too. I’ve had various hospital admissions and the consultants don’t say much but the nurses and other staff chat and will say the vaccine is the cause and they have loads of people in here with the same issues. I just don’t know what to do or where I stand – I can’t even work to earn a living.  It’s soul destroying.