I had my vaccine in March 2021 followed by my second one in April, both of which were AstraZeneca.  Very quickly after the second a host of issues began and I quickly realised after a couple weeks, when they didn’t go, that the issue was becoming longer term.   It is now 19 months later, with symptoms post covid vaccine.  My symptoms the first few months were: numbness, tingling , burning , twitching , nausea , dizziness , tinnitus and swallowing issues,  breathing and chest issues from copd.  Some of the issues lessened at around 8 to 9 months, however the biggest issues I still have are spasm like pains, debilitating tinnitus , swallowing issues that severely affect being able to eat.  Since the covid vaccine I also have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that I did not have a diagnosis of before the vaccine – affecting my life daily and reducing my quality of life