UK & Scottish Covid19 Public Inquiries

We have core participant status in both the UK and Scottish Public Inquiries.  

The Scottish Covid19 Public Inquiry

Let's Be Heard

The inquiry can’t put everyone on the stand but wants to hear from as many Scottish citizens as possible about their experience of the pandemic.  The Let’s Be Heard Campaign is all about this.  Everyone’s story is analysed, considered and contributes to the findings of the Inquiry and will help shape their recommendations.  You can either share your story or watch the short introductory video already made from people’s stories below. 

Read about the Scottish Public Inquiry's Health and Social Care module

The Inquiry opened with a two day presentation by Dr Croft, Consultant Public Health Physician and Medical Epidemiologist, who summarised the academic research available on COVID-19 and the effectiveness of the vaccines.  His statement that”You cannot say using this vaccine prevents deaths.” caused quite a stir.   This was due to the confidence intervals in the studies not being large enough. You can watch the presentation and read the transcripts and documents by following the link below. 

You can read all the academic research commissioned by other academic experts here: 

We are dismayed and disappointed with the recent announcement that module 4 will be postponed indefinitely.  According to the BBC article it may not happen until after the next general election.  The uncertainty over timings makes it hard to plan our lives and to focus on our recovery.  As most of us are chronically ill, the challenges we face to prepare documents are enormous and it seems our recent efforts are wasted.   Meanwhile, the voices of the vaccine injured and bereaved will yet again be silenced just when they were hoping for some recognition and finally some help.  

We attended a preliminary hearing in September 2023 where our advocate, Anna Morrison delivered our opening statement.  We are represented by Terry Wilcox, solicitor at Hudgell Solicitors, who has represented families at the recent Manchester Arena Inquiry and subpostmasters at the ongoing Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry.  

Just like the Scottish Inquiry, the UK Inquiry are gathering as many stories as they can from a wide range of people from the UK population.  These will help inform any recommendations they make.  You can contribute by clicking on the link below. 

You can watch Anna Morrison’s presentation here

You can visit Hudgell’s website here

You can see our press release here

You can contribute to Every Story Matters Here

You can read an open letter raising concerns of bias and predetermination from ‘Us For Them’ here