Scottish Vaccine Injury Group do not offer treatment advice and any information or links here are not a substitute for professional medical care, diagnosis or treatment. It is strongly recommended that you consult a qualified medical practitioner before acting on any information obtained here or before embarking on any treatments.  The following are commonly ‘tried’ by the vaccine injured community – some work for one person but not for the next. There are potential side-effects and interactions from any treatment, medication or supplement. 

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Burning Sensations, Pins and Needles, Neuropathic Pain and the Ganglion
Long Covid and Long Vaccine Syndrome

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If you have mast cell activation it is important to get supplements that are as ‘clean’ as possible with very few fillers and colours.  There are companies that are centred on this approach, for example, British Supplements or Ethical Nutrition. For MCAS and POTS treatments please go to our resource page.    

Please note that even supplements can have potential interactions with each other and with medications.  Always seek advice on dosages, if they need to be taken with or without food, the time of day to take them and any potential interactions or side effects. 


Zinc helps to regulate and restore normal immune function.  It is important for the absorbtion of vitamin C .  Here are several helpful links to learn more: 

Potential role of zinc supplementation in prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19

All you need to know about zinc in one place! 

Flush Niacin

According to research, Vitamin B, plays a pivotal role in cell functioning, energy metabolism, and proper immune function as well as reducing inflammatory cytokine levels, improves respiratory function, maintains endothelial integrity, and prevents hypercoagulability.  

Niacin is vitamin B3.  Here is a very interesting article about how it can help mitochondrial function – an issue many vaccine injured grapple with. 


There is an augmented version of NAC available but, as yet, very little research available.  You can read about it below and do your own research. 


Nattokinase is a blood-clot dissolving protein which is mentioned in a few protocols for long covid and vaccine injury due to the fact that it helps degrade spike protein. It has also been found to help with fatigue, brain fog, and post-exertional malaise (PEM).  Of course, it’s blood-clot dissolving attributes help because spike protein can cause amyloid fibrin microclots.  There can be drug interactions with nattokinase, colchicine in particular.  Please click here to find out more.

Nattokinaise is made from soya so is not always well tolerated if you have mast cell activation syndrome.  Lumbrokinase is an alternative. 

Comparing Serapeptaise, Lumbrokinase and Nattokinase

More on Serapeptase, Lumbrokinase and Nattokinase

Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase: natural treatments for clots


Magnesium and Vit D

These are very important supplements for many of our group.  Research suggests that magnesium is helpful for fighting off covid19 infections (partnered with vitamin D) and also that a deficiency in both can contribute to development of a cytokine storm (severe reaction to spike protein

Research also shows that it prevents or treats various types of disorders or diseases related to respiratory system, reproductive system, nervous system, digestive system, and cardiovascular system as well as kidney injury, diabetes and cancer.

If you have mast cell activation syndrome so find it hard to tolerate supplements, the website MAST CELL 360 goes into detail about which forms of magnesium will be safer for you. 

Vitamin D supplements over time can lead to magnesium deficiency as vitam D supplements use magnesium in the liver and kidneys for its own conversion. For this reason, vitamin D users should take magnesium to prevent its deficiency & ensure proper conversion of vitamin D into its active form in the kidneys.

Watch a video on all the different types of magnesium below: 

Learn all about Vitamin D from the video below plus get your hands on a free download.  Please note that this needs to be taken with vitamin K for effective absorbtion.


Bromelain is an enzyme found in the fruit and stem of pineapples. This substance has been shown to have a broad antiviral activity and has been promoted a lot recently in social media as a spike-detox supplement.  A research study concluded there are indications that “bromelain could have an inhibitory effect on different SARS-CoV-2 variants.”    Bromelain was already known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties but the jury is still out as far as many of us are concerned in regards to helping vaccine injury as it is early days

Vitamin B12 and Folate

Vitamin B12 needs folate in order to be absorbed effectively.  Click here for a fabulous website that explains a lot about vitamin B12     “Mild deficiency may have few or absent symptoms. In moderate deficiency, feeling tired, anemia, soreness of the tongue, mouth ulcers, breathlessness, feeling faint, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, pallor, hair loss, decreased ability to think and severe joint pain and the beginning of neurological symptoms, including abnormal sensations such as pins and needles, numbness and tinnitus may occur. Severe deficiency may include symptoms of reduced heart function as well as more severe neurological symptoms, including changes in reflexes, poor muscle function, memory problems, blurred vision, irritability, ataxia, decreased smell and taste, decreased level of consciousness, depression, anxiety, guilt and psychosis.”  Here is an article in the British Medical Journal that talks about a variety of benefits of vitamin B12.   Sources of folate in foods are green leafy vegetables, lentils and legumes, beetroot, citrus fruits, nuts and seeds, bananas and eggs.    You can take vitamin B12 as a supplement or under your tongue (sublingual) or in injections. 


This research study shows how a reduction of bifidobacterium in the gut can cause long term issues for those with long covid – and of course vaccine injury is very similar.  This study shows how glutamine can help 



Watch a Video here about nicotine and Covid19

The FLCCC Alliance have a protocol for Covid, Long Covid and for Vaccine Injury.  This works for many of us but not for others.  You can only access the full protocol through private doctors at present, but can buy many of the supplements over the counter.   It is definitely well worth reading through this protocol document. 

Intermittent Fasting

Watch two videos by Drbeen on Intermittent fasting and potential immune system restoration and then on how to do intermittent fasting.  Fasting doesn’t suit everyone and if you have any doubts at all please speak to your doctor. 


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves neurocognitive functions and symptoms of post-COVID condition: randomized controlled trial

HBOT helps with the changes that happen in the cardiovascular system, capilaries and mitochondrial function as well as reducing inflammatory responses. It increases oxygen to our cells that they need to heal.  

Watch a video of explaining some benefits below.  

red light therapy

The red light penetrates your cells and makes changes in your mitochondria leading to benefits to your tissues and increases in energy as well as boosting your mood.  Watch this video to find out more: 

H.E.L.P. Apheresis

This is designed to filter microclots, antibodies and unwanted particles out of the blood.  The plasma is separated from the blood cells and then processed using heparin before being returned to the patient. At the moment you need to go to Germany or Cyprus for this treatment. 

A paper has been published “Long Covid Patients Succesfully Treated by Means of Heparin-Mediated Extracorporeal LDL Precipitation (H.E.L.P.) Apheresis

According to ‘Long Haul Wiki‘ One of the co-authors, Asad Khan, has long covid and tweeted that he is still unwell and unable to return to work but he is better than he was before.  

working on the nervous system

Autonomic nervous system disfunction or dysautonomia is a diagnosis often given to people with vaccine injury.  Visit the dysautonomia page for lots of ideas on how you can help yourself with that.   Meditation, mindfulness, stimulating the vagal nerve, pacing and many many other techniques can help.  

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