I’m Martin and I’m 64 years old. Prior to receiving the vaccines I lived a fairly healthy active lifestyle after suffering a spell of illness.  
On 4th March 2021, I received my first Astrazeneca vaccine. Afterwards, I wasn’t well at all suffering with severe flu like symptoms. I contacted my haematologist consultant to speak to her about how I was feeling, she advised that I was to persevere as experiencing these symptoms would be better than contracting COVID itself. She then informed that I would probably receive Pfizer for my 2nd vaccine and told me that if I didn’t take it, I’d be undoing all the good work that they had done for me.
On 13th May 2021, I then received my second vaccine which was Pfizer. I then contracted COVID. I was admitted to the hospital for Monoclonal antibody treatment via intravenous drip.  
In August 2021, roughly 3 months post 2nd vaccine, I suffered a heart attack. This resulted in the removal of a blood clot from one of the heart arteries and a stent inserted.  
On 12th December 2021, I stupidly accepted a 3rd vaccine, Pfizer again. 
This time, it absolutely floored me. I started experiencing : 
Body cramps, twitching, slurring of speech, dizziness to the point of falling over and injuring myself, severe fatigue, brain fog, inability to concentrate, dropping things and falling over, loss of co-ordination to the point where I am unable to safely drive my car. I also now have a Vitamin B12 definicincy. All of these symptoms listed, I still suffer on a daily basis. 
Since then, I’ve been back and forth to the GP having various investigations done at the hospital. These include, CT scans, blood work, X-Rays and most recently a referral back to the cardio team. 
I am now registered disabled and my wife has had to give up work to care for me. I’ve had various aids fitted outside and inside our home to help me day to day. 
Every day is a struggle for me now, sleeping, getting up and functioning day to day. Most of all, what makes me frustrated and angry is coming to terms with what these vaccines have done to me. I’ve always been a busy, hard working man and now I am unable to live a ‘normal’ day to day life doing the things I love and need to do. 
Recently, I purchased myself a mobility scooter, this has helped me gain a little bit of a life back and some independence. 
I will finish up by saying, the GP that I am under now, is listening to me, not scoffing a dismissing me. Although, he hasn’t diagnosed me formally as a vaccine injury, he has now said it is a possibility. This itself has given a me a little hope that one day soon, I’ll received the recognition needed and the confirmation that I AM a vaccine injury victim.