On 11th February 2022 I had my moderna vaccine.   I felt generally unwell with shaking, cold sweats, migraine, neck pain, chest pain.  I didn’t worry about it, although Lucy did, and just went to bed.

The next day I had to be taken to hospital as my symptoms had worsened. I was slurring words, had vision issues, all over muscle weakness and difficulty concentrating.  The hospital treated me like a stroke victim, the staff were fantastic with me but hospital in general was a nightmare because of the Covid-19 set-up and hospital staff were clearly under pressure.

I was told that they had found a clot in my blood but could not tell me where it was and gave me an injection in my stomach and later that day I was told everything was fine now. I had multiple tests done including a brain scan. Again, I was told everything was looking fine and it was an an inner ear problem, I could go home and was referred to ENT.

The next day I was called and asked to return as they had found something which needed further investigation. I had a CT angiogram of my brain as they had found an abnormality on the left hand side (after couple of months I was told this was a chance finding. It was a capillary telangiectasia and no more treatment was needed).

During  March/April/May/JuneI had numerous more Doctor visits and A&E trips, as my symptoms started to increase and become worse. Only now I was told it was anxiety which I knew it was not! When I was talking with the doctors/hospital staff the communication was very sketchy and poor.  I was handed out medication after medication and put on the Emergency Neurological waiting list.  In September 2023 I am still waiting.

My family could see my struggle and fortunately for me my parents were in a good position to help us financially, if not we would 100% have no home.  They paid for me to see a neurologist privately. 

On this visit after listening to my ever growing and worsening symptoms, I was diagnosed with Post-Vaccination Syndrome and told it could be 18months recovery possible longer!

During June/July/August/September 22 the trend continued.  There were frequent doctor and  A&E visits with not much more success, even nurses saying they would never have taken the 3rd vaccine (not helpful).

Again privately we went to visual specialists to see if they could help with my  light sensitivity and floaters and they were able to make me some glasses to help.

Also during this time I was fitted with a 24hr Holter which showed Bradycardia.

In September I had to go private for a second time to the Neurologist (again still waiting on NHS).

This time secondary to the Post-Vaccine Syndrome, I was diagnosed with an untreatable chronic neurological illness ME/CFS. This feels like a life sentence, and now my mental health is seriously affected.

In December/January 23 I started having bladder and bowl problems. I was fitted with a catheter and supplied with more medication. Now I was at an all time low, with crippling fatigue, chronic all over pain, housebound/bedridden, no concentration, symptoms pilling up, is my life worth this much hassle, I often questioned myself. But my family and friends had my back.

During February 2023 the chest pain was just getting worse and I was experiencing  dizziness when I was sitting or standing and having fainting episodes. So again I was fitted with my 2nd 24hr Holter this time it was showing tachycardia and bradycardia.  I was fitted with a 24hr Blood Pressure Monitor this was showing low blood pressure. I was told not much could be done but to load up on fluids, electrolytes, add extra salt on meals and wear compression tights or socks if I was able.

In March 23 blood was showing up in my urine so I was given a kidney scan but it was clear.  I was told that I would need to wear the catheter for the foreseeable future and could continue with the bag on my leg, or learn the self catheterisation technique.

I chose the later as didn’t want my kids to see me with a bag on my leg.  Self catheterisation is necessary 4/5 times per day.  I have had a succession of Urology appointments since.

I have since had fainting episode which I have been told was vasovagal syncope.    I paid yet again for a third neurology appointment.  After testing he reconfirmed Post-Vaccination Syndrome and ME/CFS as well as said I was also suffering with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.

Also on this visit he decided I be sent for a full spinal MRI.  2 weeks after the MRI I was asked to return for a Lumbar spine MRI as some Lesions  had shown up.

Again I was admitted to hospital with chest pains. Stayed another 2 nights where it had shown my cortisol level was not as it should be. After returning home from this visit I had to be taken back in by ambulance 2hrs later. I had got home felt like s#it, I was then in a cold sweat, sick, passed out and still having chest pains.

I have been through 19 months of hell.

Doctors/Nurses/Specialists make you feel inferior.  I have been left wondering what they are hiding and why are they so scared?  I have also been left questioning my sanity, my worth and most upsetting my Life

My wife, kids, family and friends are the reason why I fight on.

We battle on with a glimmer of hope, that justice is coming.