Hi my name is Kate.  I was dubious about taking the jab but was told by a nurse I would have to get it to protect other people so I went.  After receiving the Astra Zeneca I had a strange chemical feeling in my mouth and as soon as a got home I had severe headaches, which were unbearable.  I started to convulse and shake, then came the projectile vomiting and  diarrhoea, which I now think saved me.   I was also a carer for my son at time.  My brother with disabilities happened to come in and find me as I couldn’t even lift the phone and he phoned my daughter who is a nurse who came down.  My blood pressure was very high. I also had crushing pains in my chest like an elephant standing on it and looking back was disoriented for months after.  It was hard to get through to our local docs and I refused to go to hospital because of what happened to other family members etc.  A doctor spoke to me on phone then she spoke to a cardiologist and they decided to send me heart meds etc to a chemist to be picked up.  I never picked these up as I was never told where to go to be properly checked.  I then spoke to a nurse from the respiratory clinic on the phone and she told me to start walking 3 steps at time to pump the blood round my body which I continued to do. I also was not able to take any of my previous medications due to being extremely sick and my body rejecting them.  I lost nearly 4 stone although I was overweight at the time and I then did a liver cleanse.  This kicked started my journey back to health and I continue to do yoga stretches a yoga and get as much sunlight as I can.  I eat a healthy anti inflammatory diet which has all helped me tremendously  I have not been back to docs as due to previous things I have witnessed and what happened to people that I know personally after the jab, so I continue on my holistic journey and feel much better.  My Mum also died in a home at this time and we never got to see her – only ten people allowed at her funeral this was devastating ❤️