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cGAS STING Pathway activation by DNA Plasmid Contamination, SPIKE, and LPS in modRNA "vaccines": AIDP, Myocarditis, Stroke, Aortic Dissection, and More: Overview, and Biopsy Methods for Detection.
Postmenopausal Haemorrhage after mRNA jabs most likely caused by Endotoxin
The era of long vax has quietly arrived as Yale researchers detail the symptoms

How Ivermectin Trials Were Designed to Fail

Despite the proven efficacy of ivermectin in treating COVID-19, some studies in top-tier journals have concluded otherwise. Which data should we trust?

Two mothers write a pre-print about the sudden death of one of their sons from asymptomatic myocarditis
Read about the Scottish Public Inquiry's Health and Social Care module

Endotoxin induced Blood Clots dissolved by Nattokinase in the lab

New paper by the South African research group who proved Endotoxin causes Blood Clots has shown they can be dissolved in vitro

Professor Fenton - The New Zealand vaccine data: what I actually saw and analysed and what the limitations are
mRNA Vaccines Contain Prion Region, May Be Linked to Prion-Like Diseases
Finally! German TV MDR Breaks the Story, Highlighting Potential DNA Risks in Covid Vaccines for the First Time
Epidemic Forecasting Models Overestimated Potential Infection Numbers Amid Covid Lockdown Debate

An interview with David Wiseman   What they’re saying is that ‘we will inject you first and ask safety questions later.’ It’s not good enough.

It’s just like the retired Pfizer executive admitted in a Nature article, “We flew the aeroplane while we were still building it.”

By the time the COVID pandemic took off in Western Australia, more than two years after it began in Wuhan, almost all eligible West Australians had been double vaccinated, with four out of five having received a booster. Premier Mark McGowan credited his government’s “very effective” vaccine mandate policies for this achievement. So why is such a pivotal pandemic policy missing from the official government record on vaccine safety?

Number of deaths within the first 10 days of vaccination was ‘significantly higher’ than those between 11 and 180 days among people aged 64 and under.

Investigative journalist Lee Fang, Pfizer’s financial disclosures reveal that in the first 6 months of 2021 the company gave  $millions to more than 500 medical associations, universities, and community organisations, often for such groups to lobby for COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Hardly any of them disclosed their links with Pfizer.

New evidence that modified mRNA can cause unwanted consequences

Unintended protein products

See David Wiseman’s comments on the original research article HERE
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 “Many of those who died after receiving the Moderna vaccine were not given an autopsy. According to one study, 16 individuals died after being administered the Moderna vaccine.  The study’s authors indicated that out of those 16 deaths, only two autopsies were performed, five of the dead were not autopsied, and the autopsy status of nine of the dead was “unknown”.”

“Over the past decade, Western governments, increasingly concerned by the challenge to their geopolitical policies by independent media organisations and individual comment on social media platforms, have been putting huge resources into the building of a ‘disinformation industrial complex'”

In rare cases, coronavirus vaccines may cause Long Covid–like symptoms
Brain fog, headaches, blood pressure swings are being probed by NIH and other researchers

David Cameron met vaccines minister before firm he advises won health contracts

Exclusive: Ex-PM met the vaccines minister to discuss genome sequencing – two months before the genome firm he advises won contracts worth £870,000


Deaths of Scottish babies
During the vaccination period (March 2021 to May 2022) Scotland had 60,169 births and based on historic rates would have expected 128 babies to die in the neonatal period, but 163 did.