What's Happening Overseas

This page is still under construction – more to come soon.  There is so much happening and not enough time to post it all here – but there is a lot of activity in every nation right now!    *The opinions expressed by the authors of these documents are not necessarily the views of Scottish Vaccine Injury Group

Australians seeking compensation for being ‘allegedly injured from COVID vaccines’
Covid Vaccine Class Action
Death occurred after receiving coronavirus vaccine; bereaved families file collective lawsuit claiming ``insufficient government public relations''

Lawsuit: COVID Vaccine Injury Claims Diverted to Unconstitutional ‘Kangaroo Court’  USA

People injured by the COVID-19 vaccines are suing the federal government, claiming the federal program they’re forced to pursue compensation through is an opaque and unconstitutional “kangaroo court” that unjustly rejects almost all claims it receives.

Japanese Researchers say side effects of COVID vaccines linked to 201 types of diseases

Former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza Under Investigation Amid Vaccine Scandal

Japanese Researchers sue the government for hiding the inconvenient truth about the jabsrs

Germany Provides Funding

“The model projects in this module are intended to provide approaches to improving an integrated or
coordinated care for patients with Long COVID of all ages. Projects can also address diseases with similar symptom complexes such as ME/CFS, even independently of COVID-19 disease, and complaints related to a COVID-19 vaccination”    You can access the original document HERE